Why the little e?
It's our principles.


We believe in mutually beneficial relationships and taking strides towards socio-economic equality of opportunity.


We have a responsibility to do as little harm as possible to this blue & green ball that we call home. We aim to work with groups that align with us in principle and practice. 


Opportunity is the difference. We set out 3% of profits towards social-enterprise and organizations that provide opportunities for empowerment.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell.”

-Seth Godin

We are storytellers. We are here to tell your story. 

We recognize that small and medium-sized businesses, non-profits, and social enterprises need a way to break through the noise and share their stories. The best way to do this is through digital platforms, thus we set out to create a simpler solution for scaling your business.

Whether that be connecting with a community through social media, engaging with your existing contacts through email, building the digital storefront for your organization through your website, or telling the story of your organization's growth and potential through data, we tell your story.